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Introducing MB





MONO BLOCK implant

The C-Tech MB, Mono Block implants, provides 2 different prosthetic options as well as 2 different main body designs to meet the differing requirements of bone and soft tissue encountered in the maxilla and the mandible.

 MB tops
Choice of tapered and O-ball head prosthetics  MB hero Choice of tapered and O-ball head prosthetics. O'ball head is compatible with SD O-Ball attachements
Tapered head with a 4.8mm height above the prosthetic platform offers an optimal frame for the reconstruction MAX-OB/MAX-TAP smooth collar platform switching fits the thickmer maxillary gingival tissue
3.1mm platform offers a wide base for the reconstruction MAX-OB/MAX-TAP micro groovingaccomodates the thinner cortical bone to be encountered in the maxilla
MAN-OB/MAN-TAP smooth collar provides the platform switching height to accommodate thew average mandibular gingival tissue
Augemented MAN-OB/MAN-TAP micro grooving for the increased cortical height of the mandibular bone MAX-OB/MAX-TAP main body threading, agressive reverse buttress threads deliver the surface area and stability required by softer maxillary bone
MAN-OB/MAN-TAP low profile threading offers surface area yet with the reduced resistance necessary for placement in the D"/D1 bone that can be encountered in the mandible
Blasted and acid etched surface topography Bone cutting and antirotational slots
Sharp apex to facilitate advancement in D2/D1 bone Rounded apex for soft bone, won't perforate the sinus membrane