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Screw Retained Open Tray Technique

  1. Remove the healing abutments.
  2. Screw the straight abutment into the implant using the torque ratchet (30 Ncm) and the Multi-unit Driver.


screw retained 1


screw retained 2



  1. Screw the impression post accurately into the Multi-unit abutments and hand-tighten the guide screw.

  2. Make perforations in the custom made impression tray (light cured resin) according to the individual situation so that the positioning screw of the impression post protrudes. Take the impression using an elastomeric impression material (polyvinyl siloxane or polyether rubber).

  3. Unscrew the opened tray transfers from the abutment.

  4. Screw onto the abutments the healing cap screws so as to keep the soft tissue in place until the final prosthesis is completed.


1  screw retained 3


screw retained 4


screw retained 5


screw retained 6



  1. The laboratory will prepare the tray for the clinician by preplanned openings in the tray from which the impression posts will protrude. The tray will in turn be given to the clinician to take the impression. 

  2. Reposition and fix the analog in the impression using the screw.

  3. Produce master model.


screw retained 7


screw retained 8


screw retained 9