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Esthetic Line : EL

Best esthetic (UK, 'aesthetic') results. Non-surgical thickening of the peri-implant tissue. Facilitation of the papilla reconstruction-technique (hard to do). Made from separate pieces (implant and abutment).

Aesthetic Dental Implants »

Small Diameter : SD

One-piece implant. Compatible with 3M ESPE IMTEC MDI system. Choice of round or square head for removable or fixed prosthetics. One of the largest mini dental implant ranges on the market.

Small Diameter Dental Implants »

Mono Block : MB

One piece implant. Choice of tapered or round head. Different grooves for Maxillary or Mandibular use. Bone cutting and antirotational slots at tips. Image below of Mandibular O-Ball with pointed tip to go into D1/D2 bone.

Mono Block Dental Implants »

Narrow Diameter : ND

For use in the front of the mouth where there isn't much crestal bone and there is no opportunity to use bone grafting materials. Made from separate pieces (implant and abutment).

Narrow Diameter Dental Implants »